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Biblical Hebrew Online

Learning the Language of Scripture

Welcome to Biblical Hebrew Online! 

Would you like to be able to read the Old Testament in its original Hebrew? Would you like to be able to dig deeper into God's Word, with an enhanced knowledge of the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of the text? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place!

God chose the Hebrew language to communicate his inspired Word, and the Hebrew Bible was compiled over a time span of approximately 1500 years. Hebrew is a rich and descriptive language, and reflects the worldview of ancient Israel, which in many ways is quite different from our western way of thinking. The ability to read and translate from the original text can offer the student a depth of insight into God's Word that is not readily attainable otherwise, and may not be brought to bear in any particular Bible commentary. Original language study provides the student with the necessary tools to search out the meaning of the Biblical text on their own, without the need to rely exclusively upon the work of commentaries or religious professionals.

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Online Class Delivery Method

Many self-study books and online courses in Biblical Hebrew are available today. However, anyone who has studied another language will tell you that having a live instructor usually results in a far superior learning experience. We provide a live classroom environment utilizing state of the art audio / video conferencing software from StartMeeting, an industry leader in web based audio and video conferencing. This delivery method offers you the advantage of interacting with an experienced instructor with the convenience of participating in the class from any location with a high speed internet connection.

You can use any of the following devices to access our online classes:

- Windows PC
- Linux
- Android mobile
- IOS mobile

Click here for complete system requirements and participant instructions.

What if I cannot attend a class?

All classes are recorded, and in the event you are unable to attend a class you may request a link to the recording to review at your convenience.

About the Instructor

Bill Siegler

Bill Siegler was raised in a traditional Reform Jewish home in New York City. He attended Hebrew school as a child and was taught to read and write the Hebrew language in the context of a local Jewish synagogue. He received Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah at the age of 19. Bill earned the Master of Divinity degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 1996, specializing in original language exegesis. He has extensive teaching experience, and currently maintains an active itinerant speaking ministry in churches, conferences, retreats, Bible studies, missions groups, or other venues. This work centers around two main goals. The first is helping to equip the church for the task of reaching out to, and sharing the Jewish Messiah with the Jewish people. The second is ministering to churches and other organizations by showing how a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith can enrich their own walk with God and their proclamation of the Gospel.

Tuition Costs

Online Biblical Hebrew classes are only $12 per lesson!

Classes are taught in modules consisting of 20 lessons, and the entire course is comprised of 3 modules.

Cost per module: $240

Or make 3 easy payments of $93.33 (includes a $10 processing fee)

Textbook and additional materials must be purchased separately

Class Structure and Textbook

The First Hebrew Primer, Third Edition

By Ethelyn Simon,‎ Linda Motzkin,‎ and Irene Resnikoff

EKS Publishing Company, Oakland, CA

The First Hebrew Primer is the perfect textbook for adults who are setting out on their study of Biblical Hebrew, providing a comprehensive grammar for the beginning student. Using the text as a guide, our class covers 30 chapters which are divided into 3 modules, with each module consisting of 20 lessons. The complete 3 module course will provide the student with enough training to be able to read and translate most texts found in the Hebrew Bible. The class introduces 95% of vocabulary words appearing over 200 times in the Hebrew Bible. Students will read through the book of Ruth, as well as many other passages. Our goal is to teach students to read and understand Biblical Hebrew as quickly as possible, with an emphasis on recognition and translation - not memorization.

The textbook may be purchased 

Click here to view the complete list of course topics.

Click here to view additional optional materials that are recommended for this class.

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