Biblical Hebrew Online

Learning the Language of Scripture

Optional Materials

The following additional materials are highly recommended:

Answer Book

Answer book for all class exercises. All students should work through assigned exercises and refer to this guide to check their work and correct any errors. 

The Answer Book may be purchased here.


Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary App

Biblical Hebrew Flashcards is the definitive Biblical Hebrew app for students of any level. Featuring cards from all major textbooks, customizable review lists, a searchable dictionary, the top 1000 words, quizzes, Leitner System, and more! The IOS version may be purchased here, and The Android version may be purchased here.

Vocabulary Flashcards

These sturdy, easy-to-read 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" flashcards are keyed to vocabulary lists in the textbook. Excellent for drilling Hebrew vocabulary at home or on the go. 

Hebrew vocabulary flashcards may be purchased here.

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